Hearing Protection

Why should I use hearing protection?

Noise can damage your hearing and can cause a variety of other problems such as tinnitus. Permanent damage to your hearing can occur with brief exposure to very loud noise, or prolonged exposure to loud noises.

Who needs hearing protection?

Anyone who is exposed to loud noise. Examples include musicians, band directors, disc jockeys, hunters or recreational shooters, construction workers, etc.

What about protecting my ears from water?

Persons prone to swimmers' ear infections, those with eardrum perforations, and those with ear tubes in place may benefit from protection from water. Your hearing health professional can help you decide if swim plugs are appropriate. Remember - ear plugs are NOT to be used for diving under any circumstances!

Available Products

  • Swim Plugs
  • Hunter's/Shooter's Plugs
  • Musician's Plugs
  • Noise Reduction Plugs

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